What does Dignity of risk mean?

There are vital connections between choice, risk, and dignity.

People without disabilities, are faced with many decisions that involve some degree of physical or emotional risk. To deny the right to make choices in an effort to protect the person with disabilities from risk, is to diminish their human dignity.

The rights of persons with disabilities, includes their right to choose and risk. The freedom to make choices, even choices that may result in harm, is a freedom that most people cherish. Why then, should we hold a different set of ideals and values for people with disabilities?

What is Person Centred Active Support?

Person Centred simply means it’s about you.

Participation is doing part or all with just the right amount of support.

All people can be involved in any activity big or small … Sometimes people need a little support and sometimes we need more support.

Active Support is doing WITH… Not doing FOR

Active Support helps everyone improve their


“Dandelion House’s team has really helped me to become more confident and independent. I found the support workers to be such positive people. They helped me see myself and by doing that, helped me build my confidence.”

Dandelion House Participant