Working with peoples’ strengths​

By asking questions and working with participants, we can help them to discover and value their strengths and capacities to promote change.

We can become more people oriented if we focus on strengths questions that ask:

  • What has worked well for you in the past?
  • What actions do you take to achieve goals?
  • What skills, knowledge or resources do you currently use

A service delivery approach which builds on individual and community strengths has been adopted by Dandelion House.

At a personal level, a strength-based approach involves skills of deliberate listening for individual strengths as opposed to looking for a problem or deficit.

The quality of the interaction, as opposed to the length of time spent, is key to bringing about successful outcomes.

At the heart of the strengths approach are social justice principles of respect and empowerment.

A strengths approach focuses on a person’s strengths not their deficits. It is an optimistic approach that finds the more you focus on an individual’s strengths, the greater they become. This approach places the person as the expert in their own lives.